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Chapter 40 New home New danger Part 3

I started to wake up a little bit as my vision became clear again as I noticed I was tied up in a chair.

Kairi and treice: "Yes,daddy" they said as they came out of their rooms.

Troy: "Have you seen your mother?" he asks them wanting to know desperately where his mate was.

Murderer 2: He laughed "looks like the bitch is up" he said laughing evilly

Kairi: "No, we haven't daddy" i said looking up at our father.

"What do you want?" i said glaring at him.

He looked at them and nodded "alright come on" he said picking them up and taking them to his brother’s cave "Shawn I need you to watch them please" he told him.

Shawn: "Yeah, sure no problem, what's wrong bro?" i asked him.

"Answer me, what do you want from me" i said

"Just watch them please!" he said to him in a worried tone then set them down "be good for Shawn" he said then left trying to pick up his mate’s scent

Murderer 2: He chuckled and pulled out his knife "just your lifeless body"

Kairi and treice: "yes daddy" we both said at the same time.

Sango: When pulled the knife out he cut my cheek a little making it bleed "what did i ever do to you, huh?" i asked him knowing that my blood would get troy's attention.

Troy caught her sent and followed it leading him to a cabin deep in the forest the very same cabin he found last time.

Murderer2: "You survived" he said smirking

"Why?! Why did you do it, you spineless coward!" i said angry.

He was about to stab her when troy ripped the cabin apart growling at him

"Troy!" i said surprised and happy as ever to see him.

Troy growled at the man "I'm guessing you were with the other guy”

Murderer 2: "What if I am?" he said looking up at the giant naga.

"I would answer him if i were you unless you want to be one of his snacks" i said to him.

Murderer 2: "I don't have to do anything!" he yelled as he tried to charge at sango.
Troy growled "fine then" he said striping him of his weapon then grabbed him with his tail tight and threw him in his mouth

I looked away closing my eyes when troy started eating him since i was still tied to the chair.

He finished then leaned down untied his mate from the chair "I’m so glad your alright" he said smiling in relief.

I started to cry a little as i hugged troy’s cheek "I was so scared.. i thought you wouldn't be able to find me" i said still crying.

He hugged her holding her to his cheek as he stood up then cradle her to his chest like a baby "come on let’s go" he said slithering back to his brother’s cave.

I nodded and smiled at him as I then touched my cheek "Ow!" i said due to the pain of the cut on my cheek the cut was a little deep.

"Come on let’s get that fix beautiful" he said holding her close and taking her into the forest.

"Okay, I’m sorry i worried you, troy" i said leaning against his chest "Are the children okay?" i asked him as well.

"There with Shawn" he said as he picked a few herb leaves from a plant and rubbed it on her cut as it healed it in seconds "there all better~" he said smiling softly at her.

I touched my cheek amazed that the cut was gone "thank you so much troy. Now let's go get our kids i bet their driving shawn crazy" i said laughing a little.

Troy chuckled "I bet they have" he said smiling as they went to Shawn's room in the cave.

Kairi: Treice and I laughed as we pinned uncle shawn on the then i saw daddy and mommy "Mommy! Daddy" i said going towards them with treice right behind me.

Shawn: "Troy, hey welcome back" i said relived that he was back.

"Hello my babies" i said looking at kairi and treice.

Troy: He chuckled "I see they pinned you down again" he said chuckling

Treice smiled "mama, daddy~" he said happily

Sango: "Are you two ready to go home?" i asked smiling at them.

Shawn: "Hey i let them pin me, and someone went to go see uncle storm for a while" i said smiling.

"Oh yeah who?" Troy ask smiling at his brother

Shawn: I pointed to kairi playfully still at troy.

Kairi: I blushed when Uncle shawn looked at me, I then looked at daddy.

"Heh that's cause storm is better than mean old Shawn~" he joked with him

Treice giggled and tried to pin Shawn down again

I laughed at troy's comment "and you're great with jokes too huh" i said.

Shawn: "Ahh,Sango help,please" i asked as treice pinned me again.

"Who me~?" i said pretending he was talking to me.

Troy laughed "I thought you said you let them pin you down" he said teasing him

Treice smiled happily and started to tickle Shawn like his sis showed him earlier

I laughed along with troy as treice started tickling shawn.

Shawn: "Sango...Troy" i said laughing trying to ask for help.

"Okay, okay that's enough treice ,come let's go visit your other uncle then we can go home" i said laughing a little.

Troy laughed then picked treice up and set him by his sister "go on ahead to uncle storms okay" he said as they nodded and went on ahead troy looked at Shawn "I had you watch them because that other guy kidnapped sango"

I nodded and leaned against troy cheek.

Shawn: I was shocked and went over to troy to look at sango "Are you alright sango?! And where was he hiding her, troy?" i asked him and rubbing sango's head.

Troy: “The same cabin we found then other guy" he said "he cut her cheek but I fixed it" he said

"Thank you again troy my cheek feels better now" i said smiling at him.

Shawn: "The nerve of that guy I’m going to go over there and make him pay dearly for hurting Sango" i said and about to go out of my room until i felt someone holding my tail as I continued to slither.

"Shawn, troy already took care of him" i said smiling at shawn.

"Yeah he was a jerk and tasted like bull shit" troy said "but we better go see Storm huh" he said looking at his mate as he let go of shawn’s tail.

"Yeah, we should it's getting really late love" i said to him "Goodnight shawn" i said as we left his room to go to storms.

Shawn: "Goodnight sango and troy and come over anytime" i said to them and went back into my room.

Troy went to storms room "alright kids time to go home" troy said to them smiling

Kairi and treice:" but daddy" they said together.

"Come on now, listen to your father we'll come back tomorrow, okay" i said smiling at them. "How are you doing, storm?" i asked him.

Storm: "I’m fine, now go on listen to your father" he told them smiling ruffling their hair

Troy smiled at his older brother and his children.

"Glad to hear you're doing well" i said "You two look tired come on now" i said looking at the kids.

"We might come over tomorrow if it doesn't rain " troy said picking the kids up

Storm: "Ok I'm pretty tired so night" he said smiling

“Night brother" troy said slithering out of the cave as he headed back to his cave holding his mate and his children.

We left shawn and storm's cave and made it back to our cave.

Sango: Troy made sure to close the entrance up and went to treice's room then to kairi's room, but before they went into their rooms i kissed both their foreheads "Sleep well, my little ones" i said smiling sweetly at them.

Treice and kairi smiled "night" they said smiling and going to go sleep

Troy smiled "night" he said to them then went to his room with her and laid down with her

As troy layed down with me I then snuggled against his chest and putting my hands on his chest as well "it's good to be home troy" i said laying my head on his chest and fell asleep.
Chapter 39 New home New danger

Part 2

Sango:  I blushed I couldn't believe how lovely it was it was like he one we were staying but only nicer "Troy, remind me to thank storm for all this" i said.
Then i spotted the pool and smiled "you know we haven't had a bath in a while~" i said playfully

Troy: He smiled and went over to the pool and set her down in it

I sighed in relief "this is what i needed~" i said happily then i looked up at troy and smiled.

Troy: He smiled at her happily

Treice smiled and kept exploring his room like it was the real forest

"Come on in the waters great troy" i said smiling at him.

He smiled and got in with her "kids… weird to think that in a few days they will be taller than you" he said pressing her gently against his stomach.

"Well at least I’ll have you to help me out, right troy" i said blushing as i looked up at him.

"Yup always" he said smiling at her

"Troy, when would you want to turn me into a naga, i know we talked about and i still want to be human, i really do but once the kids start growing up i don't know what to do" i said leaning against his stomach.

"Don't worry your their mother there going to listen don't worry " he said stroking her back gently.

I looked up at troy and smiled "You're right troy i don't know what I was thinking, after this you want to come with me and check on the kids, then we could sleep in our room together~" i said playfully to him.

He smiled at her "after we check on the kids I have to go hunting but it shouldn't take long" he said smiling at her

He smiled "alright let's go" he said smiling kissing her as he picked her up and got out of the water and headed to their children’s rooms.

I giggled when he kissed me as we made our way out of the room to check on the kids "I love you troy" i said then kissed his lips.
He smiled "I love you too" he said as he nuzzled her.

Treice was sleeping curled up in his room

We went to treice's room, he was sound asleep then we made our way to kairi's room. As we looked in her room she was curled up in her flower tree sleeping.

Sango: "Well their both asleep you should go ahead and start your hunt troy." i said kissing his lips.

He nodded "alright I'll be back as soon as I can alright" he said kissing her then left the cave.

I watched as troy left and started to head back our room.

Troy left to go hunt deep within the forest where his usual hunting grounds were.

I notice that troy left the entrance opened as I stopped half way down the cave hall and decided to go outside to see if he was close by.

Murderer 2: He was walking and saw a small exit to a cave and slipped through the crack and was inside the giant cave.

After i checked outside i went back inside and went back to our room in the cave.

Murderer 2: He looked around then saw her and smirked evilly and snuck up behind her and grabbed her from behind "looks like I can finish what I started years ago” he said laughing

Sango: I tried to get away but it was no use, i then passed out as he dragged me away from the cave and into the forest.

He took her to his cabin and tied her up.

Troy came back from his hunt putting his prey he got from his hunt away for later then headed to their room his eyes widen in shock to not see sango in their room he looked for her and couldn't find her and got very worried "KIDS!" He called out hoping they were ok and that they might know where their mother was.
Chapter 39 New home New danger Part 2
Here's the next chapter of my story enjoy! :DHonoka Smile Icon Icon Nico Yazawa Dancing [Love Live] Icon #2: Umi (Love Live) Icon Nozomi - Love Live! Icon Kotori - Love Live! Icon Hanayo - Love Live! magi aladdin icon magi morgiana icon magi gif morgiana  alibaba and aladdin magi aladdin icon magi gif sinbad magi gif Scheherazade 
Chapter 38 A new home, a new danger Part 1

"With what daddy?" i asked him curiously as we left the room where mama and my brother were in.

"It’s a surprise for mommy." He said smiling at her as he went to storms room "storm, bro?" Troy said calling to his older brother.

Storm: "Yo what's up bro? and i see you brought your little girl with you" i said smiling at kairi.

Kairi: "Morning uncle storm" i said happily.

"I figured we better finish the cave before high sun (noon) and little Kairi wanted to help" he said smiling.

Storm: I smiled at the little one and rubbed her head "Hey there's no problem with that" i said.

Kairi: I giggled when my uncle rubbed my head.

Troy smiled "well let's go" he said smiling

Storm: "Alright" i said as we left the cave and made our way there.

I moved a little in my sleep but smiling since i never got to sleep this long.

Troy smiled and followed storm out of the cave holding his little girl securely.

I giggled when daddy held me to his chest protectively.

Storm: After a few minutes we reached the cave "Alright, let's hurry and get this place ready" i said smiling at troy and kairi.

Troy went in and smiled setting kairi down "stay with us no wandering off" he told her then smiled

I nodded as daddy and uncle storm started working in the cave.

Storm: "So who came up with kairi's name troy?" i asked him as we started working in one of the cave rooms.

Troy led kairi to the room they were working in "sango did" he said helping his brother work.

Storm: "I see, she picked a great name for her, and i noticed you choose our father's name for your little boy" i said while working.

Kairi: I giggled as they were working.

"Yeah I thought it would be a good name for my son naming him after dad" troy said

Storm: I nodded "Yeah" i said smiling at troy.

After a few hours we finished the cave "We should hurry and get back to the cave before sango wakes up, troy" i said to him.

Kairi: i nodded "Let's hurry daddy" i said smiling up at him.

Troy nodded and picked kairi up "let's go" he said

Treice started to wake up and hugged his mother

I smiled in my sleep as i was being hugged by someone either it was treice or troy.

Storm: "I hope sango doesn't wake up yet" i said laughing a little.

"Yeah me to" troy said as they were on there way home

Treice began to nuzzle his mother

I felt someone nuzzle me i guessed it was treice i was almost about to wake up.

Storm: After a few minute we made in to the cave i looked at troy "You better hurry and get to your room troy, quick" i said to him.

He nodded and went to his room and set her down "Shh don't tell mommy where we went" he whispered to his little girl as he closed the stone wall door behind him to slither over to his mate and his son.

Treice smiled as his father entered the room.

I woke and saw troy hovering over me looking at me lovingly "Good morning" i said smiling at him.

He smiled "come on I wanna take you three somewhere" he said smiling

Treice smiled "m..mama" he said smiling happily since he said a word

I looked at treice "That's the first time i heard him say anything, troy~!" i said smiling happily at my little boy. "And where would we be going, my handsome naga~?" i asked him playfully.

"You'll see~" he said smiling picking her up and kissing her and setting her on his shoulder
"You two as well" he said picking them up and smiling.

I giggled a little and snuggled against troy's neck.

Kairi: I nuzzled daddy's chest.

"Like mother like daughter" i said laughing a little.

Troy smiled as he left his room and exited out of the cave and began slithering to their new home.

Treice looked around as his dad carried him through the forest

"I'm guessing treice likes the forest, troy?" i said looking at my little boy.

Kairi: I looked at treice and nuzzled him too.

Troy smiled at his mate and his little girl. After a few minutes they arrived at the new cave that would be their forever home.  

"Ok here we are" he said stopping at the entrance of the cave "this is were I was yesterday with storm he was helping me fix this cave for us to live in" he said

Triece smiled and kept looking around

I looked around the cave while still on troy's shoulder "It's wonderful troy!" i said then i stand up slowly on his shoulder and kissed his cheek. "What do you think kids?" i said to them.

Troy smiled "I figured that since treice is more like me storm fixed his room up with lots of plants and stuff" he said smiling at his mate.

"That's great treice will love that" i said smiling at troy and treice.

We then went to kairi's room it was beautiful her room was filled with flowers and a tree filled with flowers as well "Troy did you do kairi's room.

"Yeah you like it" he asks smiling then set kairi down in her room so she could look around

Treice watched his sister

"It's beautiful troy,kairi go take a look at your room" i said smiling at her.

Kairi: "Yes mama, and thank you daddy~" i said happily and started climbing the tree.

He smiled at her "your well come stay in your room ok" he said smiling then went to treices room and set him down "go explore " he said smiling

Treice smiled and went to go hide in the forest area that was in his room "see I'm good with kids" troy said smiling at her"

I laughed "of course you're good with kids, troy. So where's our room~" i said playfully to him then kissing his cheek.

He smiled and closed the main entrance to the cave then took her to their room "storm did this one too" he said as he opened the stone door to their room.
Chapter 37 Turning over a new leaf

I blushed "Good to see you, storm" i said to him as he slithered into our room.

Kairi: I moved over to where daddy was standing and looked up to the stranger.

Shawn: "Hey bro" i said waving at him.

Treice followed his sister staying beside his father

Storm smiled "hey so you had kids?" He asks as he looked down at sango while rubbing the back of his neck.

Troy smiled at them "it’s ok you two"

"Listen to your father it's okay" i said smiling at them then turned back to storm and nodded to his question.

Kairi: I smiled at my mommy and daddy and came out from behind him.

Shawn: "their cute huh storm" i said to him smiling.

Storm smiled at her then looked at the kid "hay we haven't had a girl born in the family in forever" he said

Treice still didn't cone out and hid behind troy.

"Storm meet kairi, and the one hiding behind troy is treice" I said smiling at them.

Kairi: I blushed at him when he looked at me.

Shawn: I smiled at the kids watching them especially treice.

Treice kept hiding

Troy picked his son up and set him by his sister "there" he said

Storm smiled "cute" he said chuckling as he watched.

"Relax treice, this is Storm your father's brother" i said to him smiling at treice.

Kairi: I nuzzled my brother then smiled up at storm.

Treice looked up at storm curiously and smiled at him.

Storm smiled back at him as well.

I yawned a little from the lacked of sleep and layed against troy's chest falling asleep.

Kairi: I heard mama yawn and looked up at daddy "Mama?" i said to my daddy worried.

Troy: "Heh suppose its time for them to sleep" he said

Storm nodded "come on Shawn" he said pulling him out of the room by his arm.
I nuzzled troy's chest as i slept "troy~" i said in my sleep.

Kairi: I yawned and layed down by daddy as treice followed me

Shawn: "Aww alright, get some rest you four" i said quietly as storm pulled my arm.

Troy smiled and picked her up and set her next to her mother and did the same with treice "sleep well" he said smiling at them then kissed sango and went with storm to find a new home for his new family

Treice hugged his momma and fell asleep

I smiled in my sleep as i felt troy kiss me.

Kairi: I nuzzled mama as i slept.

Shawn: Where are you two going?" i asked them curiously.

"Storms going to help me find a good cave for sango and the kids" troy said

"Like what our uncles and father did for mother" storm added

Shawn: "Oh, that's right, well I’m going to go back to my room, I’ll see you two later" i said slithering off.

After a few minutes of sleeping i woke up and saw that the twins we're still asleep. I got up and decided to stretch my legs.

Troy and storm left to go find them a home that troy and his family could live in.

Treice continued to sleep peacefully next to his sister

After stretching my legs I went back and sat down and watched our children rubbing heads and kissed their cheeks. Treice whined a bit in his sleep.

"Shhh it's okay mama's here treice" i said stroking his cheek. 'I wonder where troy went off to?' i said in my head as I noticed treice stopped whining and hugged me. I giggled as treice hugged me "just like your father" i whispered to myself.

Shawn: I decided to go and check on Sango and the kids to see how they were.

Troy and storm continued to search for a cave that was perfect, and enough for troy’s family.

I looked up to see shawn in front of troy door "you can come in, just be quiet" i said whispering to him.

Shawn: I blushed then nodded as i entered silently not to wake the little ones.

Treice woke because he was hungry and whined nudging his mother for food.

"Okay,okay Shawn can you hand me some fruit please" i asked him.

Shawn: "Sure no problem~" i said smiling at her as I picked up the fruit and handed it to her as she gave treice the fruit.

Troy: Storm and i arrived at cave not to far from the cave but it was a good distance too "So i guess this is the cave you wanted to show me, storm" i asked him.

Treice whined not wanting the fruit and nudged her again

Storm nodded "sort of like the one we grew up in minus the water fall hiding the exit”

It hit me treice was wanted my milk i took my top off for him. "okay, treice here you go. Shawn you should probably not watch" i said warning him.

Shawn: "don't worry my eyes are closed" i said taking the fruit away.

Troy: "Yeah you're right, thanks for helping me out storm" i said smiling at him then i looked outside "It's getting late we should head back" i said.

Treice smiled drinking happily from his mother.

Storm nodded "it looks like it might rain so let's hurry"

"Good boy" i said smiling at treice then i heard the sound of thunder, I hated the sound of it. Kairi moved in her sleep, i guess she didn't like it either.

Troy: "As much as i loved the sounds of thunder, I rather be inside with Sango" i said smiling thinking about her and the kids.  After a few minutes the rain started to pour down on us when we were near our home. When we were inside i was soaked to the bone again.

Storm nodded "yeah normally its Shawn who is soaked~" he joked

"okay, treice I think you had enough I’ll give some more later" I said smiling at him.

Shawn: "I think troy and storm are back I’ll go ahead and head for my room" I said leaving troy's room.

Troy: I laughed "So true storm anyway later i have go see Sango and the kids" I said heading to my room.

Treice nodded and went back to his sister curled up with her falling back asleep.

Storm nodded and headed to his room

Troy went into his room to see his beloved mate still up "I thought you were sleeping~?" he asked surprised as he smiled.

"I was but treice was hungry. Where did you go, and.. you're soaked to the bone?" i asked him.

"You'll see tomorrow" he said shaking out hid hair a bit then kissed her "its a surprise~"

"Alright, i trust you~" i said and kissed him back "well I’m glad you're back" i said happily then i put my top back on.

Kairi: "mommy… daddy" i said in my sleep smiling.

He smiled "come on get some sleep…you need it" he said laying down next to his mate and his children.

I nodded as I yawned falling asleep against troy's chest.

He smiled and fell asleep as well know that their forever home was found where his mate and him could raise their precious nagalings.

Through out the night the storm continued on until morning, I was still asleep laying beside troy's chest.

Troy felt something nudging him.

Kairi: i was awake and i started to nudge daddy and smiled up at him.

Troy woke and saw her "I'm up I'm up" he said smiling

I moved a little in my sleep nuzzling troy's chest.

Kairi: "good morning daddy, did you sleep well?" i said.

"Yes I did, what are you doing up so early, my dear?" he asks

Treice continued to sleep

Kairi: "I couldn't sleep no more" i said blushing a little then i looked at mama "Is mama okay?" i asked my daddy.

He smiled and nodded at his little girl’s question and got up making sure not to wake his mate or treice "come on you can help me and storm" he said smiling picking her up.
Chapter 36- Part of the family

After a few minutes kairi was done drinking from me "alright nap time you too" i said rubbing kairi's head.

Shawn: "Heh, right don't worry bro, and after we tell him I’m so going in there and seeing your kids" I said smiling.

After a few minutes kairi was done drinking from me "alright nap time you too" i said rubbing kairi's head.

Shawn: "Heh, right don't worry bro, and after we tell him i'm so going in there and seeing your kids" I said smiling.

Treice watched his sister curl up but didn't want to sleep and whined

"Ok" troy said as he slithered with shawn to their brother’s room.

"you're not sleepy treice, okay I’ll stay by you okay" i said walking over to treice.

Shawn: "Well here we are, Yo storm we need to talk to you it's really important!" i said we entered storm's room.

Storm looked at them "what?" He asks

Troy sighed then looked at him "I got Sango pregnant and then last night she had two kids”

"Shhh, mama's here" i said rubbing treice's head.

Shawn: "well storm looks like we have a big family now, huh" i said smiling at storm.

Treice calmed down but still didn't want to sleep and wanted to explore and started to wander around.

Storm nodded still taking in the idea..that a human could even have or even give birth to naga kids

Troy smiled "well come by later okay" he said then left with Shawn

"Treice come back here please your father will back soon" i said running after him as kairi was still asleep.

Shawn: "Alright! Show me theses cute nagalings I can't wait to see them troy" i said as we left and headed back to troy’s room.

Treice didn’t seem to want to listen and kept exploring

Troy smiled and opened up his room just in time to catch treice from slithering past him and picked him up "huh reminds me of the one who disappeared for more than a week~" he joked referring to Shawn as he went in with his brother and closed the door and set his son down.

Treice whined and went to his sister.

I sighed in relief "thank goodness you caught him, troy" i said catching my breath. "How did it go?" i asked him putting my top back on facing the other way.

Shawn: "Their adorable troy! Sango did a great job, and hey I was curious when I was little" i said rubbing treice's head.

Troy: "Good I think.." he said smiling at her

Treice smiled happily sniffing with his tongue.

"I need a affection troy~" i said smiling playfully as I was little tired.

Shawn: "Heh heh..Sango's just like mom huh troy?" i said smiling at him.

Troy nodded "Yes.. Shea was great mother" he said as he leaned down nuzzling his mate.

Treice continued to sniff then tackled his sister playfully

I giggled as troy nuzzled me, as I then looked back at treice and kairi "Treice be nice to your sister" i said looking at the two and sighed.

Kairi: I smiled and tackled my brother back.

Shawn: "Storm’s going to love theses two" i said smiling as i watched them play.

Treice tackled her again more roughly and playfully growled at her.

Troy kissed his mate happily and nuzzled her more as he then turned to his brother watching his children play "that and its been a long time since a girl was born into the family" he said

"So you're going to be protective of your little girl, huh?" i said smiling as I then kissed him back.

Kairi: I pushed treice off and went behind him and tackled him.

Shawn: "Awww, I don't get a chance with her~?" i said playfully, just joking around

"That's sick bro" he said looking at him then nuzzled sango more "someone’s got to keep her away from weirdo’s like Shawn" he joked

Treice got up and tackled her again pinning her down to the ground roughly.

Kairi: "Mama!" i said as my brother pinned me down hard as I squirmed.

"Treice! Get off of your sister, now!" i said looking back at them.

Shawn: “Hey I’m just joking" i said laughing a little then looked over to see what sango was yelling at.

Treice whined and got off her and slithered to Shawn sad

Troy looked at them then watched triece slither off "what did he do?" He asks

I gasped and sighed "nothing.. sorry i guess it's the mother in me" i said then looked at treice "I'm sorry treice go back ad play with your sister sweetheart" i said smiling at him.

Shawn: I smiled at treice sweetly "Go on your mother wants you to go back and play" i said rubbing his head.

Treice slowly went over to her still ashamed and curled up

Troy Nuzzled her "hey he's fine..he’s just a bit stubborn probably gets it from me" he said

I laughed a little "Since when have you been stubborn~" i said playfully then kissed his cheek.

Kairi: I looked at my brother and smiled at him "Let's play" i said and tackled him.

Shawn: "Yeah our mother was like that too sango..she was very protective of us" i said smiling at her.

Treice smiled and tackled his sister.

"You'd be surprised" he said smiling then looked at Shawn "every once in a while you'll have to watch them....that won't be to hard since your a kid as well~" he joked

"So when's storm coming to our room to see our little ones" i said "and i would keep a close eye on treice, shawn just letting you know" i said smiling at shawn.

Kairi: I laughed as we continued to play.

Shawn: I blushed a little "Uh sure no problem” I said as I looked at sango curiously and confused by her words telling me to watch out for treice.

Troy shrugged "he was still letting it sink in when we left"

Treice nudged his sister to follow and went and tried to tackle Shawn

Shawn: “Hey wait a minute since you and troy had kids that means you’re a part of our family now" i said smiling happily

"I see and i guess i am a part of your family, huh troy" i said smiling at him.

Kairi: I nodded and followed my brother, we then got ready to tackle shawn.

Shawn: "Huh? Ahh!?" i shouted as treice and kairi tackled me.

Troy laughed as Shawn got tackled and then smiled at her "Yes you and forever"

Treice tackled him and tried to pin him down

I laughed "get him you two~!" i said then i kissed troy's lips.

Kairi: "Got ya!" i said helping treice pin him down.

Shawn: I laughed "Yes you did" i said then looked to troy "Uh a little help, bro?" i asked him.

Troy laughs "I don't know bro~?" he teased watching all the fun

Treice smiled happily having fun tackling his funny uncle.

"Oh come on troy, help shawn out he is going to take care of them soon anyway" i said winking at him and rubbing under his chin.

Shawn: "Please troy I’m begging you" i said pleading for help.

Troy smiled as he purred persuaded by his mate as she rubbed under his chin then heard his brother begging for mercy "Alright fine" he said chuckling and picking up his little ones and setting them on the ground next to him.

Treice smiled happily and looked up at his father.

"Treice acts just like you troy" i said as i watched the kids play with each other.

Shawn: "Thank you" i said sighing in relief as I layed on the floor out of breath.

Treice smiled and started to chase his sister

Troy smiled and nodded as he watched his children play more.

"When you two went into storm's room was the human he had earlier, with him?" i asked him curious as I suddenly heard a knocking noise on troy's door.

Troy: "I don't know I didn’t see much in his room love" he said as he got up slowly and slithered to my room’s door and opened it to be surprised to who I saw.

Storm came into the room slowly "hey"
Chapter 36 Part of the family
Please enjoy and tell me which character is your favorite? :)
I'm going to fun all night long :D 


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