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Sango and Andrian's wedding day by Sango152
Sango and Andrian's wedding day
My oc and My best friend SparklesCreation's oc Andrian tieing the knot :D

My friend SparklesCreation made this Do not steal!!!
Chapter 34

A surprise?! Part 1

When troy left I layed back down and rested a little more.

Troy continued to hunt till he filled himself up. Once he was done he went back to his room seeing she was already bloated since the naga baby would be his size when it grew up so it be a challenge for her "I'm back, my beautiful angel~"

I woke up to the sound of his voice and sat up "Welcome back" i said smiling at him "did your hunt go well?" i asked him.

"Yeah it did" he said then went over to her and casted a protection spell on her "the kid going to be normal sized to me so the spell will make carrying it painless" he said and handed her a fruit.

I smiled at him "Thank you, troy" i said taking the fruit then kissed his lips "but seriously did i do alright last night~?" i asked him playfully.

"Yeah because you aroused me and that takes a lot to do that~" he said smiling at her.

I laughed "I'm glad. So how long do you think until the baby comes, troy?" i asked him.

"Few days" he said smiling as he layed next to her watching her eat.

I finished eating the piece of fruit troy gave me and nuzzled his chest then i layed next to him. I looked down at myself and laughed "I just noticed I’m still naked" i said smiling as I giggled a little bit.

"Huh oh guess you are~" he said and smiled at her

I got up and put my clothes back on "well at least my clothes still fit" i said then layed back down by troy's chest.

He smiled at her and Nuzzled her "I'm thinking either today or tomorrow you'll bare a child…our child" he said smiling lovingly at her.

"Oh~" i said playfully and kissed his lips "How do you know?" i asked him smiling.

"Well nagas are born fast" he said as he looked at her stomach.

"I see, guess we should pick a name soon, huh" i said laughing a little "but i don't know the gender of the baby yet so i guess we'll have to wait and see" i said nuzzling his chest.

"I got named troyestieanor but shorten it and you get troy" he said

"Wow that is long, well my name is just sango but it means coral" i said blushing a little.
"I was thinking if it was a girl Kairi or Raye if it's a boy well maybe Ren, what do you think" i asked him laughing a little.

"Hmm whatever you choose is fine my love" he said smiling

I laughed "we'll just have to see, which gender the baby is" i said. "How's shawn doing, troy?" i asked him.

He shrugged "I don't know" he said

"I haven't seen him in a while" i said nuzzling troy's chest "but anyway what should we do now?" i asked him.

"Rest" he said curling around her protectively.

"Alright but later we should take a bath" i said resting my head on his chest.

"Ok" he said smiling as he rested his head on his arms.

"For now let's sleep" i said as i fell asleep.

He smiled and closed his eyes falling asleep.

While i slept i felt the baby move around making me turn a little in my sleep but smiled knowing that our child would be born soon.

Troy continued to sleep

Something told me that the baby was coming and fast "Troy!" i said waking up from my nap as I looked up at him as I called to him.

He stirred in his sleep till he heard his lover call for him as his eyes opened wide as he looked down at his lover "Hmmm?”

"The baby..I's ready to come out!" i said out of breath a little bit.

He sat up quickly to the news his lover gave him "I did that spell so you should be ok" he said still waking up.

I nodded "I’m not in pain but i think it's ready to come out" i said looking up at him.

"I don't know what to do!" he said panicking as his lover was about to give birth.
Chapter 34 A surprise?! Part 1
Uh oh troy better learn fast sango's going to need him :)
Chapter 33 The start of something new

"It be nice…but we tried mating and you told me to stop" he said still listening

"Would you like to try again…tonight?" i asked him.

"Sure" he said as he moved his ear away from the wall then smiled at her.

I smiled at him and hugged his tail "did you hear anything interesting out there, troy?" i asked him. "And I’m guessing it's almost night time, huh" i said smiling up at him.

"Na I didn't and yeah I guess it is" he said smiling at her.

"Should we get started then~" i said playfully and walked away from him slowly

"Ok~" he said following her.

I layed down on his bed "I’m ready troy" i said smiling at him. "Do you want my clothes on or off?" i asked him blushing a little.

"Well off of course~" he said smiling at her

I smiled then i took off the top then removed the rest of my clothes "Better~?" i asked playfully.

He smiled "much~" he said smiling as he hovered over her then started to lick her lovingly.

I smiled and moaned as continued to lick me.

He continued to slowly lick over her lower parts

I moaned as he went lower but still smiled as he continued

He continued to lick her as he started to get aroused

I start to blush hard and moan as he continued lick.

He started to get more aroused as his dick started to come out

I moaned a little louder and blush more as i smiled at him and nodded to tell to keep going.

He continued to lick her a bit then stopped for a moment before spreading her legs and shoving the tip of his dick in her but made sure it didn't hurt her.

I spread my legs a little more just to help him as i blushed.

He pushed a bit more in her making her feel good

I moaned happily and looked up at troy smiling as he pushed a little bit

He smiled and kissed her happily as he started to hump her.

I kissed him back and smiled "" i asked him as we kissed.

"Either" he said and moaned a bit.
I moaned happily as we continued to kiss I smiled at him "so...what now, love?" i asked him licking his lips.

He continued to hump her moaning a bit till he kissed her and came inside her.

I moaned more as he pushed into me more and i blushed hard.

He came inside her and smiled kissing her more as he pulled out and laid next to her.

I blushed and smiled at troy out of breath " did...I do?" I asked him feeling a bit tired.

"Shhh.. sleep my love then tell me how you feel tomorrow" he said hugging her to his chest and smiling as he let her lay on his chest.

I nodded and fell asleep on his chest smiling as he put his hand over me.

The next morning troy woke up and smiled at her he could smell she was pregnant.

I started to wake up slowly and looked up to see that troy was awake "morning" i said smiling sweetly at him.

He smiled "morning~" he said happily.

"Did you sleep well, troy?" i asked him as i started to get up slowly.

He smiled "yeah how bout you" he asks

"Yes, i never slept that good ever~" i said smiling at him.

He smiled "feel different" he asks then kissed her stomach which was extended out since she was pregnant.
"A little bit" i said then smiled up at him "but it's worth it" i said laughing as he kissed my stomach.

He Nuzzled her "well I have to go hunt stay here, alright" he said smiling as he got up slowly putting her gently on the bed.

"Alright I’ll be here waiting for you, be safe troy" i said smiling at him.

He smiled at her then left his room closing it to keep his beloved safe while he was gone.
Chapter 33 the start of something new
Warning there is a little sex ^^' but enjoy :D
Chapter 32

“Love will find a way”

I nodded and smiled at him "Hey if you're still pissed with shawn i can always dance for you" i said holding one of his fingers to my face.

"No~" he said smiling at her then nuzzled her.

I laughed as he nuzzled me "So now all we have to do is see what storm is going to do, huh?" i said to him. Then i licked his cheek and kissed his lips.

"Yeah only if fucking Shawn didn't laugh at him he can be to childish for his own good"

"Who? Shawn, well i agree with you, but he means well sometimes" i said as i rubbed under his chin.

"He needs to grow up some" he said then smiled at the rubbing as he purred.

"True, i was a little scared when he said he had this outfit for me" i said pointing to it. "You like this huh?" i asked him as i continued to rub under his chin.

"He is still a child all his mind wants is sex" he said and smiled more at the rubbing.

"I'll keep that in mind, and stay away from him when he starts thinking that way towards me" i said as i stopped rubbing.  "Opps, sorry!” i said and started rubbing under his chin again. "And what do you think about in that mind of yours" i said smiling at him

"I think trying to win someone over with cloths is stupid to be honest" he said

"I think so too" i said leaning against his cheek and sighed then i opened my locket looking at the photo inside. He watched her and smiled.

After looking at my photo in my locket i looked at troy and blushed as he watched me smiling lovingly "uh, sorry i was just... anyway shouldn't see where storm went" i asked him.

He's just pissed at shawn for laughing because I think he wants to change but he doesn't because of stuff like that"

"I see, he just wants a chance, i can understand that" i said blushing a little. "Troy, i want to know what do you like about me~" i said playfully to him "I just need something to get my mind off the problem with shawn and storm"

"Well I think your cute very, you are nice and sweet, and.. you accept me for me” he said smiling at her.

"Yup that's true and I’ll always love you" i said smiling at him. "I guess it's my turn huh?" i said as i held one of his fingers.

He smiled and nodded "what do you like about me?"

"I love how protective you are of me, you're handsome and sweet not to mention sexy looking, but one thing I like about you is that you accept me for me" i said then i kissed his finger.

He picked her up bring her to his lips and kissed her lovingly.

I kissed him back "you know if you want to kiss you can always do that you don't need my permission" i said smiling at him. "So I’m guessing we're having some alone time today huh?" i asked him.

"Yeah we are" he said smiling

I giggled and kissed him again "Uh, can you place me down on the bed, troy" i asked him.

"Sure" he said and set her down

"Alright, I’m yours~" i said smiling and laying down on his bed waving my hand for him to come closer.

He smiled and came closer to her.

I put my hand over his lips and licked them "I need some affection, troy" i said playfully pretending to beg.

He licked her happily then nuzzled her

"I'm glad your happy troy" i said. "So do you know what type of naga this leader is troy?" i asked him kissing him back.

"Well he is older than us and no one knows since he's the last of his snake kind"

"Wow, no wonder he hates everything except for nagas, being the last of his snake kind must be hard for him" i said then i kissed his nose "Would he really kill me, troy?" i asked him.

"Yes he would sadly" he said looking down at sango.

I sighed "i see, does he live in this cave troy?" i asked him curiously.

"No" he said as he stroked her head.

"Thank goodness, at least i won't have to worry about hiding that much, huh" i said laughing a little. Then i heard storm's voice go by troy's room "I think storms back troy" i said hugging his hand.
"Yeah probably yelling at Shawn" he said looking up at the entrance of his room then looked back down at sango.

"I don't think it was yelling it sounded like laughter" i said to him.

He leaned against the wall to hear what was going on.

I ran to where troy was as i looked through the hole storm was playing with the human child "I don't believe it" i said blushing a little. I then looked up at troy "Troy, there’s something I…want to ask you" i said blushing.

"Huh?" he asks looking at her curiously.

"Well... since we're... you..want me.... to have a..child with you?" i asked him blushing hard then turning away from him so he couldn't see.
Chapter 32 love will find a way
Looks like sango's being a little bold :D
I'm going to fun all night long :D 
I'm going to fun all night long :D 


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